Monday, August 20, 2012

Field Trip - Snapshot Reveal

I have to be quick today. We have a birthday party to get to. :)

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Field Trip

"Just think," Shelby whispered, "about all the effort and skill that went into the creation of this place."

"You mean, all the work their slaves did," Laura countered.

Shelby's lips shifted into a couple different frowns. Yes, the place was beautiful, but the fact that it was built by slaves began a war in her mind. Did she still love it then?

"They were still very skilled," she decided. Laura rolled her eyes and put her hand up to a carving on one of the stone columns.

Spiritual Wheel"Yep. They were very skilled at drawing cats doing laundry."

"What?" Shelby's eyes narrowed at Laura.

"Can't you just appreciate it for what it is?"

Laura's eyes were caught by Donna who had begun to mime Shelby's outrage. Laura curled her lips to keep from laughing, waving Donna away.

"Sure, Shelby, but look. You can't tell me it doesn't look like a cat bending over while holding a shirt or something."

Shelby closed her eyes and took a deep breath, shaking her head.

"Robert, stop leaning over the balcony!" Their teacher's voice echoed through the stone room, drawing everyone's attention to the end of the hall.

"Oh, someone kidnap me," Shelby begged. "Maybe they'll take me someplace people actually appreciate history."

"You're on a word kick again," Laura charged. Shelby's face fell as she stuck her hands in her pockets.

"Oh, it was only twice," Laura's voice softened, putting her arm around her friend's stiff shoulders. "I won't even talk about the other symbol that looks like someone holding a loaf of bread."

Shelby choked on a laugh, then looked up at the ceiling.

"Oh, you might as well," she grumbled, this time with her lips curled up.

"Robert!" their teacher shouted again. The girls giggled.

"We'll have to enjoy it while we can. The curators just might ban us all after today."

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