Friday, August 31, 2012

Home Again.

I am back from vacation. It was so nice. We were originally only going to be gone a long weekend, but decided to extend it at the last minute (as in, on day 4 of the vacation).

We chose to stay in state (Michigan) for our get away. The first, planned part of the vacation we camped half-way up the mitten for one night, then drove the rest of the way across the bridge to stay in St. Ignace. We spent a day exploring the UP, then a day at Mackinac Island. Tuesday we were going to come home, but shot across to Traverse City instead and stayed two nights at the Great Wolf Lodge.

The trip was a lot of fun, and Joshua had a blast. He took everything in and has a growing love for boats. Sebastian had a lot of fun at the water park (GFL) where he could sit and play with a small fountain in the wading pool.

I enjoyed every minute of being away. It's nice to be home again, though. Our bed is much more comfortable than the hotels.

This weekend will be catching up time for me, getting back into the swing of the electronic world. Starting Monday, my blogging should be back to normal. :)

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