About Me

I began this blog with the intent of sharing my writing and getting my name out there. Though my participation with it has waxed and waned, the purpose of this blog has shifted dramatically.

In October 2013, I delivered our third child, a baby girl. She was stillborn, and dealing with the pain has become a huge part of who I am and what I share here. My two older boys are and always have been the focus and joy of my life - along with my amazing husband, of course, whom I love to brag about.

Blogging has also become a way to interact with one of the best communities of people I have come across, made up of people from all over the world. It has been wonderful to share in the lives of such caring people, and I have benefited from the support they have shown me.

So, welcome to the refitted Mommy Blog: Chasing Revery (because there aren't enough out there). I come somewhat qualified with being the SALM of two boys, three dogs and I happen to have a B.S. in Family and Child Development. I'll offer some unsolicited advice at times, push some unpaid product referrals while I share the on-goings of raising boys and running a household. Kind of.

Oh, and fair warning - I love emoticons. Love. <3

My thanks and gratitude for stopping by.

Please stop by my official About Me page to learn more and see my other blogs.

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