Friday, July 18, 2014

Goodnight Whispers

As I checked on Joshua last night I had to step over a sleeping Sebastian who prefers the floor for some reason (his mattress is actually on the floor as part of the bottom "bunk" of a loft bed - he likes to use his bed as a pillow and the floor as his bed).

His band-aid had fallen off and he was worried his cut would be in trouble but I assured him it got enough medicine and we would check on it again tomorrow. I kissed and hugged him goodnight, then turned to leave.

"Mommy," he whispered. "Please get Sebastian."

"He likes to sleep on the floor."

"No, Mommy. Please say goodnight to Sebastian."

My heart swelled and I smiled. My big boy takes such good care of his baby. I crept back in and brushed Sebastian's back while telling him goodnight. I whispered goodnight to Joshua once more, but his back was already turned to me as he settled in for bed.

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