Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Balance Bikes - Better than Training Wheels!

I may have written about this before ... Last year (I think) we gave Joshua a balance bike for Easter. Four months later, he was riding a pedal bike without any trouble. He was newly 4. That year, two other five year olds learned to ride pedal bikes in my driveway, all having had a spin on the balance bike? Coincidence? Hmm. ;)

Okay, so this is a balance bike, if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

They come in metal or wood, ours has rubber tires so there is no air to fill. There are no pedals. The back two pieces that hold the back tire on are foot rests as well. Basically, they walk with the bike, then run with the bike, then learn to go with the bike, their feet up and balancing.

Now that I know about these bikes, it's crazy to me they aren't used more. You buy a bike these days and it tells you "Do Not Use Training Wheels" because they're dangerous. We do anyway. Then our kiddos can ride their big boy/girl bikes, but they're learning it wrong. They have to learn all over again when we decide it's time to take the wheels off. Crazy!

What about the life on them? Sebastian is two and is just starting to use it. Even at it's biggest setting, Joshua's too big at 5. Basically, this replaces the tricycle you would otherwise buy (or buy as well). And, even better, it saves you a couple bucks later when it is time to graduate to a pedal bike and you don't have to 1) locate training wheels to 2) purchase them.

And no, sadly, I am not getting paid for today's infomercial. ;) I just really like the idea of these bikes. And the littles love them, too. Sebastian can be on his own 'big boy' bike along with the other big boys, and he does pretty well, too, for a 2.5 year old.

So, if you would like to see about a minute and a half of the cutest balance bike rider ever (after his brother), press play. :D

Monday, June 23, 2014

Cedar Point Trip, 2014

We took Joshua to Cedar Point this weekend with a couple of our friends. It's his second trip, the first when he was three. He had a lot more fun this time, despite being freshly recovered from a sick bug. Look at how much he's grown!

(3 Years Old)

(5 Years Old)

They had their automated dinosaur event still going. It was exciting because, at three, Joshua was terrified and he refused to take a photo like this one:

It was his first Ferris wheel ride as well. Last time we went, we'd gotten to the very front of the line when it started to thunder and the wheel was shut down. He was so nervous on the wheel while it was being loaded, but he had a lot of fun when it started going. At the end, he didn't want to get off, though that may have been more of not wanting to go home, since it was the last thing we did.

He's asking when we can go back again. It's a bit expensive, to be honest, for a five year old and a Mama who doesn't ride the big rides (Daddy did the first trip, but hung out with us for this one). We've been lucky to go on discounted tickets so far, and hope to keep that up. Next time, though, Sebastian will be old enough to go along. I think I'll need more help, particularly if Kris wants to ride some rides again. Lol.


Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Slightly Different Adventure

Figuring out priorities has always been a bit of a challenge for me. I'm a pleaser by nature, so it's difficult for me to say no, or to stick to that no even if I managed to say it.

I also have a ton of interests and truly wish there were more hours in the day - or more energy in me - to be able to touch even a little bit into each of them.

With Analin's death, I've really seen myself in a new way. I've realized my priorities don't have to fight, I just need to take a more long term view of things. It's also important to realize life isn't about A to B to C, but about each step and each breath along the way that make us who we are and what life is about.

I don't want to quit blogging. In fact, I have no intention of doing so. I'm just going to combine it with more of my life than try to force something from it I don't have the time or energy to force. I've been asked time and time again why I don't do a mommy blog. I think it may be time to try it out. Chasing Revery doesn't exactly sing like the title of a mommy blog, I know, but in the same sense, I think revery should be a part of all of life, not just the imaginary and creative part of it.

So. Off on this new experiment. I don't promise pattern or structure, or even regular posts, but I can promise adventure. Regardless of what any one says about being a stay at home mom, there is always adventure in it.