Saturday, April 13, 2013

A to Z: L

Life is amazing.

On Wednesday I posted about my new litter of puppies born on the 9th. Rukia had been in labor for a long time. Her first puppy came just before noon. Her second an hour later. Her third, two and a half hours later. It wasn't until shortly before 8 pm she had her seventh. After that, she calmed down, settled in to take care of her pups and started letting us help take care of her.

Kris and I went to bed at midnight, satisfied all was finished.

In the morning, Kris checked on them, then woke me up to say two more had been born, and only one had made it.

Puppies should come no further than 3 hours apart, or they chance asphyxiation. We are pretty sure that's what happened to the one who didn't make it. The second was weak, not moving well and not making a sound or attempting to nurse.

I wasn't sure he was going to stay with us. I did know that I couldn't help the one while I was sleeping. I wasn't going to give up on the other while I was awake. And what a miracle. I fed him puppy formula four times, an hour apart each time. Finally, he was moving more, his body temperature had risen and stabilized. He still wasn't nursing, but that was an easy fix. He had begun to associate my smell with eating rather than his Mommy's. So, tricking him with my fingers, I finally got him to latch.

He's the middle puppy at his first latch on April 10.

He has been nursing ever since. He's moving and squeaking and cuddling under his mommy's chin whenever he gets the chance. He's an amazing little boy and I am so very happy I helped him get strong enough to go on his own.

He is on his back, white belly up, nursing without  help on April 11 and ever since.

We went to the vet yesterday and he is impressed with the whole litter, loving how healthy they are. I drove home with a huge smile on my face.