Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A to Z: I - Post One

I have puppies!

This is a two post day because - well, I have puppies!

We also have an anniversary post that will come a bit later in the day and is almost as important as puppies and definitely worth checking out because there is a prize attached.

The prize attached to this post is cuteness. :)

Kia didn't want me taking photos at first, so I had to wait until the very end. We ended up with 7 beautiful, healthy puppies. I haven't lost one yet, not in this litter or any other. We are very lucky to have such healthy dogs who turn in to amazing pets.

Update: Rukia had two more puppies last night, hours after the 7th. Most likely due to the long whelping time, one of them was lost, my first one in 5 litters. From what I've seen this morning, the other one is weak and uninterested in nursing. He could be full and tired. I won't know for until a little later. I'll update as I find out.

Rukia hiding the very first puppy from the dangerous camera phone.

All seven puppies, alive and healthy.

And then, bonus: A 38 second video crammed full of Cute!