Thursday, November 8, 2012

Snapshot Reveal: Oh Brother

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Oh Brother

"Did you know you have an action figure stuck to your keys?" Allie sat in the passenger seat looking toward the steering wheel with a crooked smile. The car was a hand-me-down, so old it didn't even have a screen in the dash for the radio, just some weird dial thing. It ran, though, and right now, that's all that mattered.

Dee felt the keys where they were hanging from the ignition. Her head fell against the head rest and she groaned.

"It must be Dylan's. How the heck did that get in my key ring?"

"It looks like it hitched a ride. It's arm is stuck through the smallest one. Maybe he has a friend to rescue, or something, like in that movie."

"Or maybe he's a parasite." Dee's frown twitched up. Her little brother was ten years younger than her, completely annoying and so very cute. He had probably put the little green guy on her keys to keep her company, or to protect her, to give her courage or for some other silly reason.

"At least he'll come off. Not like that lollipop Dylan stuck to your backpack a few weeks ago."

"You mean the one made out of tar?" Of course, the sucker was just sugar, but the way it had melted into her zipper, it might as well have been fusion glue. When she'd asked Dylan about it, he'd said he had wanted to make sure she had a yummy snack for lunch. How could she get mad at that?

Dee pulled into the school parking lot and picked the first spot she saw. She took out the keys to see exactly what her little brother had sent with her today.

"Haha. At least he's a cute tag along." Allie grabbed the bag at her feet and got out. "Don't worry, Dee. There are worse little brothers. Stash that guy in the glove compartment for right now."

"Hmph." Dee watched Allie shut the door, then head inside. She studied the figurine, saw how his arm had been slipped into the smallest key ring. She shook her head, a grin on her lips. Dropping her keys, figure and all, into her bag, Dee got out of the car and headed in.

"Worse little brothers, for sure," she mumbled to herself. Of course there were worse little brothers because none of them were better than Dylan.


  1. That's a sweet story. I had to look at the key chain twice to see the figure stuck in the keys. I totally missed it. Well done!

    1. Aww, that was the entire point of the photo. :P

      The real story is my husband dropped the keys in the cup holder and when he got them back out to start the car, he had a tag along and didn't realize it. I saw it as we were driving on the highway and couldn't help but take the photo. It reminded me a bit of Toy Story. :)


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