Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Tradition

Over here in the US, we're gearing up for Thanksgiving. There is so much food in my fridge and pantry - and I can't eat any of it. I ordered pizza last night because everything I saw was for the Big Meal.

(Okay, okay, and Kris is out of town on business and anyone who knows us, knows I am not the cook. Thankfully, he's home tonight to save dinner - and Thanksgiving.)

Thanksgiving was never a big holiday for my family until Kris came along. Seriously, we made a turkey, watched the parade and Christmas shows all day (back then, they started after the Thanksgiving Day Parade, after Santa rode in on his slay at the end. Remember? Nostalgic sigh.). We made a turkey at some point and nibbled on it, but really that Turkey was for all the leftovers - sandwiches, pot pies, gravy ... yeah.
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Kris is Danish, though, and he loved the idea of Thanksgiving. A meal meant to bring the family together to eat? Heaven for him. So, for the past few years, we've had Thanksgiving at our house. The first year, some of his family came to visit, adding to my family for a big table of 18. Seriously - we had a 30 lbs bird that year. I didn't even knew they came that big. I was meant to cook Thanksgiving, but Kris took over when he saw how I was cutting something or other. Slowly. Painfully. He couldn't watch, so he did it himself.

This year, again, we will be having Thanksgiving here. My mom brings the pie, my sister usually brings a salad, my step-dad's mom brings this yummy veggie mix she makes. And Kris makes the turkey (we're brining this year), the mash, the green beans and the sweet potato casserole. And he loves it, because then we all get together, eat and talk.

Oh, and I set the table. ;)

Do you have a Thanksgiving tradition, intended or not?

I will be taking blogging off for the Big Meal and Shopping holiday weekend. I will see you back here on Monday. :) Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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