Monday, November 12, 2012

Toddler Tales: Playing in the Closet

Because of early swim lessons on Saturday, my nephew stays the night on Friday. This past Friday I heard them playing in  the bathroom.

Daemon: "Tell me you need more cotton balls."

Joshua: "More cotton balls."

Daemon: "Say you need more towels."

Joshua: "More towels, please."

At this point I was terrified the contents of my closet were all over the floor. I peeked in to see the boys jammed in the closet, reaching up on the shelves and pretending to restock them.

It always amazes me, the imagination of kids and what they think is fun. My nephew is always coming up with games and honestly has one of the best imaginations of kids his age that I've seen. If Joshua is going to learn from anyone how to play pretend, this is the kid to teach him.

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