Friday, November 2, 2012

Family Fun: Halloween

If you have me circled on G+, or are a friend on Facebook, you may have already seen this photo of me and my Trick Or Treat Gang.

Joshua's the blurred boy (you may have seen his costume in my zoo post). The mouse is Joshua's girlfriend (well, best friend who is a girl). The vampire is and the lizard-thing are my nephews. The girl hiding her face is my niece, and it's a shame you couldn't see her make up. She was dolled up to be a doll, but her dress hadn't arrived yet, so she was upset. Thankfully, it came later and she was still able to go candy hunting.

And yes. I am Super Girl. Because she's amazing, and so am I. ;-)

We had lots of fun, walking the neighborhood, then we had a last minute mini-party at my house for the kids since the weather wasn't great while the grown-ups warmed up and had some food. All planned hours before it happened. Kris and I are exhausted. Apparently, so is Joshua. Yesterday, his nap was more than 2 hours long. Yipes.

How did your Halloween go? If you have picks of your party or Trick Or Treat Gang up on your blog, post me a link in the comments.

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