Friday, November 9, 2012

Family Fun: Swimming Class

Since Joshua turned three, I've been interested in getting him active and in activities where there would be other kids. First kids might as well be only children, and I'm very adamant he is well socialized.

So, it was swimming locally during the summer, then soccer in the fall. We turned to the Y for a winter idea and found swimming again. It fit into our schedule, was held on Saturdays so Kris could participate, and is an indoor pool where the one in town isn't. My sister was able to sign up my four year old nephew, so he comes with us as well.

The biggest plus? They had a class for Sebastian's age, too. Kris is the lucky one that gets to be down in the pool with Sebastian, then watching the boys. I keep myself up in the observation room with whichever kid(s) aren't swimming.

Because of that, I wasn't able to get the best of photos and they are only of Sebastian's class. As his class is first, I quickly learned photo taking wasn't going to work with the faster moving, bigger boys. They are, however, still pretty cute.


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