Thursday, October 25, 2012

Snapshot Reveal: Story Time

This story is inspired by yesterday's Snapshot Prompt written by Nicole Pyles and my own little boy. If you would like to try writing a bit of prompted flash, you can link your story up to the prompt post.


Story Time

hugo häring, siemensstadt housing, 1929It was a warm September day, the sun shining down through blue clouds and heating the air solidly into the 80's. Shelly knew the cold weather would be coming soon and she wanted to enjoy every last minute of the Summer sun before it drifted into in a Winter sky.

"It's nap time," she whispered in her son's ear. They sat out on the curved balcony over looking the apartment complex's courtyard. It was quiet this time of day with most of the residence in work or at school. She was lucky enough to be able to stay home with her three year old son, Kyle. She was just as aware of his growing up as the oncoming Winter and she wanted to enjoy every moment she could.

"No," he whined, snuggling deeper into her lap. "Let's play."

"We can play after nap. Why don't you go inside and pick out a story?"

"Huh-uh." His arms stiffened around her neck, his version of squeezing tighter. Shelly allowed herself a quick smile before putting on her stern face.

"No. Story time, then a nap." Kyle hid his face in her shirt, clearly letting her know how he felt about her suggestion.

"What about the story where the daddy and boy play pretend? They row the boat to that island-"

"Not that one."

"Okay. The mouse book?" He shook his head. Shelly thought through all Kyle's favorite stories. "Oh, there's the story with the bullfight."

Kyle started crying, the warm breeze turning cool on the teardrops against her skin. Shelly rocked her son and whispered soothingly. She began singing a song about their Savior, starting with Kyle's favorite verse. He calmed down to listen, calming Shelly's own heart. She kept singing, listening to his breathing grow deeper, feeling his weight sink against her body.

Shelly closed her eyes, feeling the peace of her world, soaking in the sun above her and the son against her, enjoying her moment before the world moved on.


  1. Oh what a peaceful scene!! You really captured the love and the serenity yet the melancholy quality of time going way too fast!

    1. Thank you. :) It was all because of your words. The only way I could think to include them was to talk about Joshua's favorite stories. Lol.

  2. Moms never cease to amaze me. You sure captured it here!

    1. Thank you. I wrote this when I needed a bit more patience myself. I needed the fictional mom's example. ;)


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