Friday, October 26, 2012

Family Field Trips: Trick or Treat at the Zoo

I love this time of year. Instead of searching for anything to do, it becomes a choice of which thing to do. The zoo is a great choice for us. We have a membership and they have lots of activities going to get people to visit during their off-season.

I went with one of my girlfriends to their trick or treat event. We didn't have much time, unfortunately, but the kids loved it. Joshua got to be a dragon and my friend's daughter was a mouse. There were candy stations, a magician, and Fisher Price had come in with a ton of toys for the kiddos to play with (and beg parents for later).

It was a blast, and even though it was much more busy than I expected on a Thursday, as long as we're in the area it will be something I try to do each year. I didn't get many photos, but the ones I got were cute, particularly the one of Joshua in an animal cage (yes, that's what those bars are).



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