Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Snapshot Prompt

Happy Halloween!

Tena's got the reins today. And though she  doesn't celebrate Halloween, she still gave us a prompt to be inspired by it. Or not. :) Let's see what all you lovely writers can make with it.

Don't forget - this is the last week you can enter a story for the Monthly Ad Contest. Get your posts in by Thursday night at 8pm to make sure you're eligible. If the linky ever doesn't work, make sure to comment and let me know and I can get it fixed. :)


YEAHH!!!! It's my turn to host:

 First take a look at last weeks stories:
Story Time by Carrie Sorenson
The Neighbor and Secret Lives by Scotty Watty Doodle All the Day
Letting Go by LeAnn Sype
Live My Dream by Tena Carr

Before we go any further, lets set some ground rules (for those of you new to the Blog Hop)...
1) There will be one photo, and five words - both of those elements must be a feature in the brief story you create.
2) There is also a 500 word maximum.
3) You have until the next Tuesday to create your post. (Actually, I extended the deadline to be Wednesday morning, but if you want to be eligible for the Monthly "Wednesday Writer Blog Hop Winner" drawing you'll need to submit your story by 8pm on Tuesday.)
4) When you have finished your post, come back here and link up below and let me (or whoever your blog host is) know in the comments that you have done so!
5) We were going to tell you to not take this too seriously, but reconsidered it because we know full well that asking writers to write something means that they will take it seriously. So, take it seriously, but don't fret/panic/pass out/hyperventilate/lose sleep/run in fear over it.

Ok so now that we got that out of the way...... Here is the photo you have to work with

And the Five Words are:

Be sure and link your stories by clicking on the inlinky below:



  1. Everybody considered the hovel to be nothing less than an ugly needlepoint that hovered just high enough above the fields to spoil the magnificence of the sunrise, everybody had forgotten that it had been build upon the remains of a school that was once famous for its autonomic style of education, and nobody was surprised that Sammy yelled 'Jackpot' when he threw the match.

    1. Haha. Thank you, as always. :) Do you free write these or think about them a bit? I did my own a few weeks back and it took more effort than I'd expected.

    2. You're welcome:) I do enjoy writing these. But I think it's only the third time I wrote one so I haven't given them much thought. I don't also think that much about them when writing them. And as most things online, it's done in between other things. They're obviously not that serious.

      The first thing I do when writing one is to find out what words can be used as verbs and then wonder not so much how they could fit in a sentence but wonder why they fit in a sentence instead.

    3. Very cool. :) That's quite a talent you have - seeing sentences like puzzles.

  2. I forgot to say; but I've linked up now! Glad to be back with you guys, I've missed this challenge. :)

    1. Wonderful! I saw on G+ you're doing amazing in Nano, so it's great you found time to jump in on the prompt again.


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