Friday, May 10, 2013

Flash 500 Release Delayed

I know, I'm sorry. I'm sure you've been refreshing your Amazon search every 5 minutes to see if it's there.

Unfortunately, it's not.

Honestly, everything was ready to go on Wednesday. Reviewed on Thursday.

Then 'Publish' was hit, and that's when all the complications happened. :P

We are working through them, though. This is a hiccup, not a give up. In fact, we may have found a way to upload to multiple reader programs along with Amazon, so if you're Nook or iBook or Kobo reader, you'll get access sooner than expected!!

Granted, Kindle users may get it late, but we're hoping it's a trade off everyone can be okay with.

So, keep your eyes pealed. We are going to hit 'Publish' again tonight and see what happens this time. :P Once it's up, you will know because the West Coast will probably hear Nicole scream and the Midwest will hear me, and the echos will spread all over the world!!!

Maybe, anyway. I'm sure we will feel that loud, anyway.

So, wish us (and all the other authors!) luck, and we will have an ebook for you soon!!

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