Thursday, May 16, 2013

Puppy Update!! :D

I haven't written about the babies in a while. I have a lot of links to share with you to keep the load time small here, but I can share some info, too. :-)

The pups turned 5 weeks old this last Tuesday (May 14th) and they are the reason my blogging has become inconsistent again. They are just so much fun to hang out with. On warm days we go out to the backyard with all 8 pups and my 3 adult dogs and just play for at least an hour - more if it's not too cold or hot. (It's SE Michigan - snow one day, sunburn the next.)

For those of you who prefer not to link-hop, here's one of my favorite pics of the pups. Under it, you'll find the links to more photos and a couple videos.

So, for pictures, my G+ album:

And, videos:

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