Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Snapshot Prompt

This is my third week of having control of the writing prompts. :D Ha! I'm a control kind of girl, so this is fantastic for me.

Of course, I like sharing, too, so I don't fight the co-hostesses when it's their turn. Except for this week. This week is mine because I get to choose the winner of the monthly ad contest!

This month, that would be ....

Congratulations and thanks so much for your contributions to our blog hop writing prompt. We will be happy to take a button you already have, a photo for us to create a button for you, or we can make one from scratch. Just let us know. :-)

Now, on to the fabulous stories from last week.

Summertime Dreaming by Krystal Wade
Oh, Edward by Scott Taylor
Gray View by Randy Lindsay
Discovered by CK Sorensen
Something for Nothing by Heather

And last but not least, we move on to the prompt. It's a new month to get your name in for the contest - remember, one entry per story submission, with up to 4 entries total. Good luck!

The prompt rules are:

1) Use the photo and the 5 words provided in your story.
2) Keep your word count 500 words or less.
3) You have until next Wednesday to link up your post.
4) Link up with your blog hostess when you're done via the inLinkz linky.
5) Have fun, don't stress, let those creative juices flow.

The photo:

architecture,buildings,Chrysler Building,cities,cityscapes,Fotolia,full moons,landmarks,Manhattan,metropolitan,midtown,moons,New York City,nights,nyc,Photographs,skylines,skyscrapers,urban,views

The words:

flea - river - denim - creeper - catastrophe

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  1. The creeper who ran the flea circus by the river always enjoyed the view of the city at full moon and that might've been why he didn't notice the impending catastrophe that was crawling upwards underneath his denim shorts.

    1. :-) Haha. I would love to see his reaction.

    2. I always have a sympathy for the villains, crooks and creeps that live in our stories. I feel quite sorry that I did this to him. At least the joy of seeing the city under the full moon was still in him when it happened.

  2. Beautiful picture...this looks fun!

    1. Thanks. :-) I thought it lent itself to all types of stories when I saw it.

  3. Hi Carrie.
    Thank you for your choosing The Universe Engineer last time. I thought you and Nicole were like spam tweet monsters ready to download viruses into me instantly if I clicked on anything. I just forgot what blog it had been on. : )
    Scared of the internet... total technophobe. Bites.
    I did a little crazy piece for this one too. Glad, once again, to run across your photo-prompt fun. Thanks!


    1. Haha! It's okay, I understand. I'm internet shy myself - still have trouble talking to people even though it's basically anonymous. I'm glad we could help showcase you. :D


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