Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Balls of Life - As in, Juggling Them.

First of all - thank you to everyone stopping by for both the Collaboration Challenge and the Snapshot Prompt. I've had a surge in views for both of them these past week and I wanted to share my gratitude before I get into my mini-rant. ;)

I'm juggling too many balls this week, so I regret I won't be posting past tomorrow, and tomorrow Leanne Sype has control anyway, so I'm not sure it counts. But Thursday and Friday will be mute on my part and here's why ...

I'm tiling my kitchen back splash. All by myself. Well, my step-dad was kind enough to cut the tiny glass pieces for me. He comes when I call (well, sometime within the next few hours), cuts what I need and leaves until the next call. Fantastic system.

Did I mention I still have my two boys? Oh, yeah. And that the older one has decided he wants to be a baby again, so isn't using the toilet any more? And the younger one has decided he wants to potty train - in the bath tub?

Yeah. All during the tiling. All while my husband is off on his business vacation trip.

And I'm pushing the tiling because I want it done for Sebastian's 1 year birthday party this Saturday, which will be after we visit the little boy across the street for his 8th birthday party - after swim lessons (which I may not go to because ...) - after taking the dog to the vet because he's torn his ACL ... again.

I still have to clean up after the tiling, after the two boys taking advantage of my split attention and then wrap those presents and get the house party ready for Saturday.

Anyway, I have far too many balls and despite my best intentions, something has to go to keep others in the air. So, goodbye Social Networking and Blogging for the rest of the week. I will miss you, terribly, but I promise to come back with photos of the beautiful kitchen face lift and my baby's very first birthday party. :-)


  1. I hope you plan on doing before and after pictures of the tiling. I love home projects. Good luck!

    1. Kris said he took before pictures, so I should have both. :) It was ugly before. The previous owners had painted glue on the wall and put up some kind of composite cardboard, then painted over it. When we tore the cardboard down, the walls were streaked with orange mess. Glass tile is more than an upgrade, it's a self-esteem boost for the house. :P

  2. Well, yeah, the blog should be the one to go. Other things are way more important.

    1. They are, but I love blogging, too. Still, it's the first thing to go when things get overwhelming. :)


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