Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snapshot Reveal: Time's Up

My take on last week's Snapshot Prompt is below. Check it out and link up your own interpretation with 500 words or less. The cut off for our Monthly Ad Contest is only a week away and includes last week's prompt contributions and tomorrow's. The prompt photo is below, along with the five mandatory words in bold. Word count, 174.


bloghopphotocourthouseTime's Up

The wind tangled Jera's hair while she looked up, up, up at the tall clock tower from the base of the red-bricked building. The rain had frozen past snow, falling in tiny little beads into her wide open eyes. She would not blink, her eyes glued to the smooth movement of the thin hand marking the seconds.

Icy droplets found their way to the thin skin of Jera's neck. She eased frozen fists from the pockets of her long, wool parka, wincing when each knuckle cracked with their unfurling but still refusing to take her eyes from the clock. She wanted to move quickly, but pain slowed her movements as she tightened her scarf. She puffed on her hands even knowing they wouldn't profit from her shallow breath, then tenderly returned them to their pockets.

There it was. The bells rung, filling the cobbled square with their deep, jolting song. The icy water at her feet began to rise and lift her with it, sending her up on a platform made of cold faith.


  1. Hmm, when I thought about those five words and the house on the picture I figured that the house would do well as a house made of candy. For now I'll I just believe that Jera's cold faith is an ice-cream. She's very cold already, but could that be a happy end?

    1. Haha. I was originally going to write the house as a project by a CAD student, but I was bored before I even started. So it became all about the words in a scene.

      I never thought about candy. See, this is why you should write with us. ;-)


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