Thursday, January 17, 2013

Growing Pains: Stepping Up

My toddler is graduating to kid status, and my baby is just about to become a toddler. Still, it's amazing how they can still struggle with similar issues, like trying to reach a little farther, be a little bigger. I hope they can always see their similarities and help each other with them.


  1. Oh my God such beautiful children!

    Is that a hungry dog I see? ;)

    No allergies with the kids? If so, very lucky indeed.

    My brother had to give away his puppy once their daughter came home from the hospital (or a few weeks after, that is) He's with my parents now, so they still see each other, of course.

    You have every reason to be proud. How does it feel to have a kid and a toddler? No tiny baby anymore ;)

    1. Thank you. :) They are great boys and I love every step of the way and can't wait to see what they grow up into.

      Two of our three dogs are in that photo, both of the boys. I like a full house. Lol.

      No allergies so far, which is fantastic. My husband's family has pretty bad allergies, so it was a possibility. Also, the more animals non-allergic kids are around as babies, the fewer allergies they're likely to develop later on.

    2. You are absolutely right. Exposing them as young means more joy later in life.

      Their dog shed a lot of hair. As in, so much it should not be possible. The baby kept getting the hair in her mouth, and she was allergic even then, so they had no choice.

      You certainly do like a full house with all of that going on! Seems like you have a very good thing going :) I'm very happy for you :)


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