Monday, January 7, 2013

Dizzy Me: Almost There

Almost. I'm practically breathless here. It has been a crazy whirlwind couple of weeks, as I'm sure others have felt as well.

For me, other than the holidays and visiting family (who, sadly, went home on Friday), I've had a lot of tests done in the last week, a doctor's appointment with more to follow. This week is jam-packed with different doctors appointments and at least one more test and blood draw. After this week I only have two more scheduled appointments, but there are more to come because I have yet to schedule any follow up appointments with any doctor pending any tests that haven't yet been scheduled by the doctors I have yet to see.
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So now you can understand why I'm breathless.

Oh, and I start watching my sister's kids again this week, since school is in full session for her whole family. Lots of joy figuring out scheduling there, though we're managing to hammer it out.

On the plus side - kind of - my thyroid came back overactive. I'm not exactly sure what that means yet, but will hopefully find out once I see the endocrinologist this week. I have a feeling it's only overactive because I had a cold at the time of the test, and apparently it produces more hormones in response to a virus. But as it is the only test that has come back abnormal (though it never has before, mind you), it's definitely something to check out.

The hematologist said everything is fine on his end, and the blood clotting proteins that are the bane of my existence when I'm pregnant mean next to nothing other than to make sure I move about, eat right and don't smoke. He said my OBGYN may not believe they're not a threat despite the evidence, however, so that's a bummer if I get pregnant again.

The - um - surgery consult for my gall bladder doctor says I probably have gall bladder disease, but the ultrasound I had wasn't helpful, so I have a different test to undergo this week. Hopefully it shows something, or I'm left with stomach pain, possibly more tests, or enough evidence to support the diagnosis of gall bladder disease that isn't strong enough yet for the insurance company to pay for the surgery.

Overall, this is more progress than I've seen in years, so it's actually kind of exciting.

I cannot wait until this is over. And they better figure something out this time because this is a lot of time and a lot of money (though, granted, I've said the same before). Thankfully, we have some pretty good insurance, but still. It needs to be done. I need to be done with this and on the way to healing so I can return to life as normal with the boys and my writing.


  1. Well that sounds very positive. And looks like you are a step closer to getting some real answers. Good thing you have good insurrance and I hope it covers most costs.

    1. Our insurance is amazing, we are very lucky for Americans. The thyroid came back as nothing more than being drawn a) before my son was a year old (pregnancy hormone residuals) and b) they drew in the middle of a cold and it was reacting to the virus. I expected as much, though, so I wasn't disappointed in anything more than taking the time for the appointment. :P


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