Monday, January 21, 2013

Collaboration Challenge 2013

It's going to start again! I'm looking for everyone interested in joining up with February's Collaboration Challenge. You can check out past stories on the Collaboration Challenge tab (or follow the link here).

I will begin a story and post it on February 4th. It will be the first time any of the other contributors see it. Writer #2 will then have until the following Monday to post their story. Writer #3 takes week three, and so on until the final writer ties it all together. It's a fun way to write together with other authors without it getting too serious. The challenge of writing enough to carry the story forward, yet try to manipulate the future writers to go with what you want is addicting. The actual plot and ending is always surprising. And though the story is written over several weeks, your commitment is just for one or two of them.

Anyone is welcome to join in, though I limit the contributors to six per story or they get too long. If 4 or fewer people are interested, there will be the opportunity to write twice. The schedule will be set up by February 3rd, so leave me a comment and let me know if you're interested in joining ASAP.

Chasing Revery


  1. Just waving my hand here, too. ;)

    1. Excellent! I was hoping you would join us this time. We do our planning over on G+. I'll notify you with the posts.

    2. Thanks, darlin'! looking forward to it!


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