Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Calling for Image Submissions

We are sending out a huge thank you to everyone who participates in our Wednesday Creative Writing Blog Hop (Or Snapshot Prompt, as I like to call it). Over the past few days, we've been discussing different ways to encourage involvement. So, we're changing up the Snapshot a bit. Nicole will tell you about the contest. I'm here to tell you about the images.

We want to use your photos or art to help inspire our stories.

I know, crazy, right? What are we thinking?

Well, we love all things creative and would like to help promote photographers and artists along with our writers. Now, our writers could be photographers, or maybe you photographers would like to take a stab at writing. But first, we need the photos.

All art must owned by you, the submitter, so we can have permission to use the work. It also must be PG13 or we won't be able to post or use it.

Our deadline for photos every week will be Sunday. Starting this Sunday, July 15. You can link up your image (just let us know what it's for) or email it to us. On Sunday, we'll post the artwork or photography and vote! Whoever wins will not only have their photo featured in our Wednesday Snapshot Prompt, but we will also help promote your work by connecting to your blog or website with a button and by offering a guest post/interview spot on the participating co-host blogs (optional for the shy ones).

So get those creative juices flowing. We'll see you on Sunday.

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