Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Gratitude

It hit me like a brick yesterday when I learned Anne MacCafferey has passed. Admittedly, I haven't read much of her work, but what I did I loved. She created an entire world and culture within it that spurred my love of dragons. In High School, I wrote my own world with dragons that was strongly based on her Pern, but not written half as well.

Just a day away from Thanksgiving, her passing helps to reinforce the idea of giving thanks and feeling gratitude for what we have. These last couple years have been amazing for me. I've known my husband for 10 years, but separated by an ocean we didn't actually get together until about 3 years ago, finally getting married a year later just after our first son was born. We worked for another 10 months on his immigration paperwork while he continued living in London, his only time spent with our son restricted to 3 short visits and video chats.

Since then, we've bought our first house together and have started improvements. He was able to get his dream job working for a company he'd thought was years out of reach. I have started actively working toward getting published with a non-conventional publisher who is willing to put the time and energy into helping me improve and polish my novel writing skills.

We have been so lucky and so blessed, yet we fall into the trap of focusing on the next step, the next project, forgetting what we have just accomplished. That is what is lovely about this holiday, set perfectly at the beginning of a beautiful winter holiday season. It is my husband's favorite American holiday where people come together to enjoy food and (hopefully) each other's company.

Last year we had 18 people at Thanksgiving. My husband is Danish and we were lucky enough to have 8 of his family members with us. Last year was about giving our foreign guests a taste of a real, traditional Thanksgiving which equaled more food than we knew what to do with. This year, we'll be down to 8 people. Where it won't necessarily be as festive, it should hopefully be more intimate, allowing us to enjoy those who were able to make it over a smaller menu and a football game including our state team, the Detroit Lions.

I am incredibly grateful for my husband, my boys (our bun is a boy, too), and our lives. Though we do plan on this place and this time being transitory, there is no reason not to enjoy all of our many successes.

This year I hope everyone is able to remember their successes and appreciate all their opportunities. Enjoy your families and friends, including the quirks we may not always welcome, but which makes everyone different and special. No matter what your plans are, I hope they are enjoyable.

Happy Thanksgiving. :)

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