Thursday, November 17, 2011


I'm struggling a bit here with what to write. Every time I start something, I think - No! That should go on 42wd's blog.

So what do I write where? I need to sit down and hack out a grid, or something. I need time to sit down and hack out a grid. ;)

I wasn't given any specific guidelines by 42wd, or even a specific day, though that may change as the company grows. The understanding is I would write about my growth and development as a writer with them.

Okay. So what about here?

I'm at about as much as a loss as I am with the idea that I am going to rewrite my current WIP to fit a different model of thought. I suppose, being as unprepared as I was, it isn't a surprise I'm floundering. Figuring out what I want to do with each is just another challenge on top of all the other's I've collected lately.

Organization. That's what I need. I love being organized and I'm definitely feeling a lack of it at the moment. Easily fixed. Ideally, anyway.

One thing at a time, though. I think I've decided to start with the kids I watch and their scheduling. It may be the toughest of all the challenges since I'm relying on someone else to stick to it as well (the kids' parent). That being said, I can't rely on that one to work out before going after the others.

This weekend may be a good time. It may be the worst time. With so much going on during the week, weekends usually get packed to the brim between my husband and myself. We need to work on that, too.

Organization. I'll do it. In fact, I can't wait. I will have, to, though. Dinner with the family tonight, as it turns out. Then X Factor again. I mean, we have to have our priorities, right

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  1. Hey Carrie,
    I like to write too. It is hard to get started. I have a list of funny or scary or crazy stuff I hear people say.I have just been logging them on our laptop whenever they pop up and maybe that would help you? They are sort of go to phrases that jump start an idea for a small story. Most of them are from kids, I guess they are more in touch with the real world or unreal world?
    Becca McCarter
    (Wheezie Mays Mom)
    p.s. she loved to run with us while we mountain bike..... the best dog ever!

  2. Thanks, Becca. That's a great idea. I can apply it to my settings, which is where I struggle the most.

    I'm glad you love Weezie so much. I love that you love her and keep in touch. :)


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