Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stealing Time

I'm revising today. In fact, I have been for the last few days. Yay! I'm not really sure how or why, but the kids are actually letting me do it during the day today, too (my 2-year-old and my sister's three, 3-9). The movie might be helping (don't judge, they're only allowed one per day).

I hate editing, but I don't mind revising, or rewriting, you might call it. It's basically saying the same thing, just better, and I love better. I may have even found myself an online writing/editing buddy thanks to Azure Boone's blog to help me as I go, because you never just do this stuff once. (Browse / sign up here if you're interested in getting your own buddy.)

This past week and a half I've been devouring helpful writer blogs like they're my left-over Halloween candy. I learned some new things, was reminded of others, but it basically got the bug back in me so that I'm willing to steal time to work rather than just taking whatever straggling minutes I can string together at the end of the day. Then I need to get myself an editing software to point out all the parts I hate to fix so I can use that cheat-sheet instead of wading through it on my own.

All this work is on my WIP, the one that is with the publisher at this moment, with whom I have a meeting soon. *gasp* It will be fine. I'll be told I need to do a lot of work, I think, but it will be fine. It will be great because I've already started (restarted?) that work.

Ah, what work ethic I've fallen back into. I love it. It's a shame life always makes you make that lemonade.

Other than the kids needing my - er, constant - supervision, Thursday nights are the nights my family and my sister's family gather at my Mom's house for dinner. It's lovely. The kids get excited about it every week. I don't have to cook! But I want to write, dang it. Apparently taking the Chromebook to dinner is frowned upon.

All will work out, though, I'm absolutely certain of it. There's more time to steal after dinner (maybe - X Factor is on), then tomorrow. Every moment I can get means I'm closer, so every stolen moment is worth it.

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