Monday, November 7, 2011

Changing Fast - And For The Better

A few weeks ago all I did was watch my sister's 3 kids, raise my first (growing my second), take care of 9 puppies along with my 3 dogs and think 'wouldn't it be nice to be published one day?'

What a difference a few weeks make! Part of me actually thinks entirely differently than I had before, and I'm putting myself on a track to keep up that change.

First, I started up on Google+. After weeks of having it, I finally figured out how to find people to add. About the same time, everyone started sharing their own circles. I was able to 'collect' a lot of writers from all different points in the process, giving me insight I missed, or was wishing I had.

Second, I started this blog. The actual blogging is fun, but not really what's helped move me along. Instead, through all those people I added through G+, I found blogs to follow. They were filled with all the information I'd been searching for and hadn't been able to find. Now, some of you might say I could have just searched for it, but search engines and I do not get along. Ask my husband. We can both use Google search, type in the same words, and he gets relevant links while I get crap. Unfair in my view, but hey - when I need something searched for, I have a solid reason to delegate.

With all my new social networking skills and blog following, I now have a ton of information to sift through - a lot of it worth reading thoroughly. I have ordered a few books and will probably be ordering a bunch more as I come across more suggestions. I used to be overwhelmed by all the choices and not knowing which would be worth investing in. A few weeks ago, I was at a frustrating loss as to how to take the next step and now I'm practically flying.

Before, I think a part of me was okay with being stagnant with my lack of a career in writing. With all these new options presented to me, I'm feeling like I can make those next steps I need to take because I can see them. Not only can I see them, but there are now people in my life willing to help me along with a book suggestion or a web link, something I was seriously lacking. I'm reading blogs and posts from other authors telling me to stop making excuses and get back to not only writing, but to improving it.

Here I am, finally, ready to do just that. My tool box is growing, my confidence is returning and I'm starting to feel like I did at 16 when I first started thinking I was good enough to be published. It's a feeling I thought was regulated to teenage hormones and a naive view of the world. I'm glad I was wrong.

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