Friday, November 22, 2013

Christmas Planning

Is it too early? Not for me! I start my planning in October. If I don't at least have a plan done by November, I stress out a little bit. And then I start looking for the deals, hoping to have all my presents purchased by no later than the first week of December.

Then comes in the problem. I'm a horrible liar. Not only that, but it's made even worse when I'm excited, and I am excited about the holiday season. Everything gets so sparkly and pretty and part of the joy of planning and buying so far ahead is to make sure I'm getting something people will love.

So, enter yesterday when I had an Amazon shipment come in with some things my husband knew about and one thing he didn't.

And he asked me, is (the stuff he knows about) the only thing in those boxes?

I grinned! A big ol' cat ate the canary grin. And he just laughed at me. I told him it was unfair and rude to ask.

Well, at least I know he doesn't have a clue what I got him.

So how soon do you start your holiday planning? And can you keep secrets? I'd say I need lessons, but I'm not sure how well they would work, to be honest.

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