Monday, June 3, 2013

High Tide: Collaboration Challenge, Part One

It's been a while, and I'm excited to start off a new Collaboration Challenge! Joining me this time will be Nicole Pyles, Tena Carr, Leonard Suskin, Heather Musk and Leanne Sype. I can't wait to see what they turn this story into over the next few weeks!! :D

For now, the jumping off point. It's time to meet Kip.


Collaboration Challenge - Part One

High Tide

Kip hated wet jeans. Yet, here he stood, knee deep in the tide. The water would rush in and up his thighs, then pull back at his calves on it’s way out - a tug of war he had no intention of losing.

The problem was, which way to go to get out of the game?

Gritting his teeth against the salty spray, Kip narrowed green eyes at the sunset. His hands curled and uncurled in tune with waves plastering his jeans to his legs. Someone on the beach might think he'd burrowed his feet into the sand below to keep such a steady stance. Instead, the weave of his sneakers was collecting untold amounts of the ancient, ground rock in their fibers.

Why couldn't he just make up his damn mind?

Undoubting faith in another was more difficult than he'd imagined.

Kip glared at the cloudless sky, the sunset slightly less spectacular without it's fluffy counterparts to help bring out the texture of it. Much like his life was turning out to be - a blending of colors and things he knew could be more beautiful.

Jerking free of the water didn't have the same effect as pounding on dry ground, so he pushed against the water instead, legs cutting through until he came dripping onto the shrinking beach. He stomped then, ignoring the way his feet squinched in his shoes, fighting the urge to peel the denim from his legs, knowing it would mold itself right back on.

There was no door to open or slam on his Jeep. He had to settle for the rough sound of the seat belt as he whipped it into place. He pounded on the military grade steering wheel and pretended he was hurting it more than it hurt him.

She'd called him a silly boy. Said he had no place trying to be a part of her life when he wasn't even a part of his. Then she'd left him in a bubble of confusion. She was a girl. He was pretty sure they all were born knowing how to confuse a guy. But this time, this girl, started to make sense. She was gone, by then, of course. Girls didn't give guys enough time to sort through their stupid riddles. It was her own fault.

That part, at least.

Kip's phone beeped at him from the glove box. He grabbed it out, then silenced the alarm. He was supposed to be at Mick's house in a few minutes for some party. No, not some party. An end of the summer party. A last chance to play summer games and make summer choices party.

Shut up, he ordered, deep in his mind, the thought directing itself to the beach in front of him as he jammed the Jeep into reverse and kicked up gravel in his rush to get out of there.

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