Friday, June 14, 2013

Blogger Changes

Blogger has made a lot of changes recently, probably in tune with the G+ and Gmail updates. The most pointed one is they are able to connect comments to my G+ stream if the person leaving a comment is also on G+. This is cool. I like seeing the comments and being able to reply to them directly from my stream.

There are hiccups, though, and I'm not really fond of them. I no longer get email notifications of my comments, because (I think) I don't get G+ notification emails - those, I honestly would get too many of, and I'm not even super popular over there. Secondly, they removed the tab where they used to list out all the comments in order of most recent, so I could just jump to my comments, or even delete the spam that got through, all from one page. It was a feature I loved, and it's gone.

So now I feel like I will lose track of my non-G+ commenting friends, and that bothers me. Perhaps I'm missing a setting somewhere? Perhaps there's an extension I don't know about? I may just try to switch back to the old commenting system here shortly, if they let me. I'm already missing a lot in the blogs I usually follow because they stopped Reader.

I'm not against change, but I feel like the system I had before with Blogger and Reader made it easy for me to keep up with the blogging world. Now I feel kind of lost and don't know where to re-start to get that ease of use again. Anyone have suggestions, or having similar issues?

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