Monday, September 10, 2012

Visitation - Snapshot Reveal

Happy Monday! I'm planning some small changes around here during this fine month of September. It shouldn't be terribly disruptive, but I'm looking to reorganize in the hopes of being more organized. ;)

As for today, here's my Snapshot Reveal. You can check out the prompt, the stories submitted so far, or even submit your own here.

Have a happy Monday.


"Mom, come down here. Look! It's like a whole different world."

Mary laughed. "You say that every year."

She followed Ben down the cobbled path to the stone patio overlooking the lake. Trees bowed toward them as if showing respect to this place even as they guarded it.

"Why doesn't anyone else come here?" Ben kicked a fallen acorn into the foliage.

"I rent the place for your birthday."

Ben rolled his eyes, bending over to check out some flowers growing on a creeper vine.

"Hike up them trousers." Without standing up, Ben attempted to pull his waistband back up to his waist.

"You sound like Grandpa. All you need is a ball cap and a toothpick."

"Then Grandpa is right. You need a belt for those things. I'm sure I bought you one for just that reason."

"Hey, I'm 13 now. Be happy I took my vitamins."

Pride filled Mary as she watched her son explore the forest around, his feet never leaving the stone as she'd always warned. This was a special place for them, though Ben didn't know the real reason behind it. One day she would have to tell him, but until then he could believe this was only for them.

"Mom," Ben called suddenly. She recalled herself from her daydreams and focused on her son, looking out over the lake. "I saw a tail fin. It was huge."

Mary got up to stand next to him, her stomach sinking. "What could be that big inn in a lake?"

"It goes deeper than you think." Her eyes were nervously skimming the water. Ben was 13 now, true, but surely he wasn't old enough. She had to have more time.

The surface remained undisturbed. Ben lost the buzz of excitement and Mary was able to relax as well.

"Perhaps it's time to head back."  Ben nodded in answer, looking back over the lake one more time before heading up the trail toward the parking lot. At the edge of the patio, Mary stopped to watch the lake on impulse.

The surface was rippling near the outer curve of the stone patio. The sight had her running to catch up with Ben, leaving the grove behind for another year.


  1. Dang... Now you got me in suspense what is it that Mary is not wanting to tell her son yet?

    1. It has a fantasy twist, and is directly tied to that tail fin. ;)


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