Monday, September 24, 2012

Snapshot Reveal: Cold Death

My bonus this weekend? I woke up thinking it was Monday, only to learn it was Sunday. :D Of course, now it is actually Monday, which means a Snapshot Reveal.

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Happy Monday. :)

Cold Death

ghostDeath stood outside the cafe, using the specials whiteboard supported by a step ladder to block the cold wind. Today, it seemed, the mortal shop was serving french onion soup, spinach ravioli and a hot apple cobbler meal for only $12.99. It wasn't his favorite, but he wasn't here for himself.

Where he came from, the atmosphere was much warmer, so muggy the air seemed to wrap around him. He preferred the areas on the mortal world that best resembled his home. It had been his best campaign to convince the 'snow birds' to move south for the winter, right along with the little sparrows. Unfortunately, not everyone could make the trip, so he was stuck visiting these cold place that, for some reason, felt they needed to compound the season with larger-than-life snowflake decorations in their windows.

Finally, the young man he'd been waiting for. A traveler down a road that was coming to an end. The young man had heavy glasses, a heavy moleskin coat and a heavier backpack, all bending his narrow frame. The strain was becoming too much for a heart with thin walls.

The youth stopped at the specials sign and got out his translation dictionary, frowning over the words for a moment before nodding and heading into the cafe. Death waited until they were side by side, uncurling his arms against the cold. His bony hand passed through the young man's chest, threads of his soul tangling around the narrow appendages. The young man stopped, collapsing to the ground as his heart finally gave out. Death slowly tugged, pulling the rest of the tangled soul from the failing body, tucking it inside his long, black coat.

Ah, now time to take the youngster home. Death gave a final shiver before parting the veil, leaving the cold, mortal world for his warm, comfortable home.

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