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Collaboration Challenge - Riley's Story

Part One of the May Collaboration Challenge is here. We have a twist this time around - we're all going to write twice! Read the start of our adventure below, then see who's joining me at the end.


Caleb sat straight up, arms shooting into the air as he praised his favorite striker for making a goal. I grinned as he relaxed back into his seat, coaching the team now that they were tied. Soccer wasn't really my thing, but it was always entertaining to watch Caleb.

I rearranged myself on the opposite edge of the hand-me-down couch. I kept far away, knowing Caleb could explode again, whether it was in excitement or anger. I didn’t always understand what caused his reactions, but soccer wasn’t the reason I was here, anyway. I hadn’t spent much time with Caleb lately and it was cool to hang out like old times.

"So where did you go yesterday?" he asked me suddenly. I was surprised by the question, not expecting much conversation with the game on. "You got that phone call, then just dashed. The party wasn't that lame considering there was no beer on the premises."

"You always think there needs to be beer," I teased.

Caleb tensed, then hissed in relief at a failed attempt by the rival team.

"A beer would be good right now," he grumbled.

"So go steal one from your parents." Caleb snorted in answer, leaning toward the TV with traditional sports fan energy.

"Don't be stupid, Riley. You know they count them. It’s crap there isn’t a TV at your house. I bet your parents would run to the fridge every time we needed a refill."

He wasn’t far off. My parents believed in living by self-discovery just as strongly as they felt technology would lead to the world’s ultimate destruction. I could stay at Caleb’s house for weeks without worrying my parents, provided the school didn’t call to report any absences.

My phone vibrated, pulsing through the couch. Caleb's eyes left the game for the first time since it started. I was reminded of why I hadn’t hung out with him very much. He had noticed a while ago my cell phone ringing meant I wouldn’t be around for much longer.

"You going to bolt again? Who is it that calls you?"

"I have this weird job," I finally settled as I pulled the phone from my pocket. "It's this on-call thing."

"On call at sixteen? Your folks really are hippies if they’re good with that." Caleb turned his eyes back to the game. My phone buzzed again and my hand fisted around it. I waited for a long minute to see if Caleb would say anything more.

"See you later. Hope your team wins." Caleb nodded, his eyes tracking the players on the screen. I watched for a second more before leaving his basement rec room and heading out of the house at the demand of my cell.
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