Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sebastian's 2nd Birthday Party

Sebastian turned two last Thursday and we had his party on Sunday. I struggle with ideas for younger kids' birthday parties. Once they're three, I have better ideas, but one and two might as well be a wash.

This year, though, I wanted to do a balloon party. It's something I've wanted to do for a while, but by the time I thought of it, Joshua was too old to really enjoy it as his party. So we got a balloon cake and two bags of balloons and went for it.

Which room was easy. With a plan to repaint the dining room over this three day weekend, it had to be cleared out anyway. The balloons, not so easy. The air mattress pump I wanted to use to fill them? Didn't work. Air compressor? Not a chance. I had waited to do this after the boys went to bed for a 12 noon party the next day.

So I blew them up myself. Over a hundred. I think Kris grabbed somewhere between 10-20 and we ended up with about 130 balloons or so, with a few of the ones in the packages being duds. Yes, a lot of work. But for that work, we got this.

And this.

There is about three feet of snow outside from this massive Winter. We can't even go sledding because temperatures are often in frostbite range. So, the kiddos got to have a balloon ball room for a day, and absolutely loved it. Time to eat - back to the ball room. Time for presents - back to the ball room. Don't you want cake? Sure, but can we go back to the ball room after?

Even the dogs got a turn in the ball room, though it wasn't quite as exciting as anticipated. They were just too overwhelmed with the number of balloons.

And when it was all done, my boys and their cousins got to pop every balloon that was left, helping us get ready for paint.

All in all, it was worth every breath into those balloons. :-)

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