Saturday, April 27, 2013

A to Z: X - Snapshot Reveal

X Marks the Spot - Flash Fiction

This story is in response to Wednesday's prompt post. The required words are in bold and my word count will be at the bottom. You can hop back to the prompt to read more linked up stories, or even to submit your own. :)


120912102843X Marks the Spot

"We have been driving forever," Mel huffed, fanning herself with accordion folded brochure from the last rest stop.

"It isn't my fault all the construction has slowed us down." Kyle still had a smile on his face even after days of driving, of going to random GPS locations to get yet another random GPS location.

Melanie had been on board when he'd explained the trip to her, waving a page with a giant letterhead on it, inviting him on the scavenger hunt. Exploring the States. A road trip vacation, just the two of them. A treasure hunt filled with a quantity of dig spots.

Quantity, maybe, but there was no quality to them. Mel closed her eyes to keep from glaring at Kyle. He hadn't known the junk they would find. Each spot held a 'treasure chest' for people to leave something, and then the next set of GPS coordinates. Never mind they replaced the crap they found with cooler stuff - the next person would probably thing they're things were just as junky. What a crock.

Mel knew she was being grumpy, that she wasn't taking this trip in the spirit of things. It was exactly the fun free for all she had been expecting, and it was made worse by the broken AC in the car. But Kyle was enjoying it, and she usually loved spending empty hours with him. What was the dang difference with being in a car?

"Could we just - could we just take a day?" Mel turned sad eyes to her boyfriend who glanced over quickly, then looked again. "Please? We could get a hotel and some beer and watch stupid news and maybe go swimming."

"Tired of the car?" he asked quietly. She nodded. "Listen. The next spot is only about 70 miles away. The GPS says there's a town only a few miles passed it."

"Okay," she muttered. "Why not get some more junk." Kyle's grin was brilliant enough to almost lift her sour mood.

"Who knows this time, Mel? X just might mark the spot."

Word Count: 344

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