Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lucky 7s

Nicole Pyles tagged EVERYBODY in her Lucky 7s post. I decided since I have a WIP MS, I qualify.

The rules to this challenge are:

1) Go to page 7, 77 or Chapter 7 of your current WIP MS.
2) Go to line 7.
3) Copy down the next 7 lines - sentences or paragraphs - and post them as written. No cheating!
4) Tag 7 other writers to share their Lucky 7s.

This challenge is, well, challenging. It's difficult to share something out of context, but I guess that is the point. I chose to share an excerpt from my page 7.


Of course.
Nicole would be turning eighteen on December 29th. Her full power as a witch would be revealed. There were members of the magical world who looked for the reverberations created by a newly mature witch, for good and bad.
Amber’s birthday was more of a problem and only five weeks after Nicole’s. As a Pet, there were those who would be trying to find her, trying to force a Bond to give them greater access to the magical world. Only Amber could decide who to Bond with, but that didn’t mean a loathsome want-to-be Sorcerer couldn’t find a way to force the issue.


As for tagging 7 other bloggers, I'm not actually sure who is working on anything right now, so I'm going to cheat take a page from Nicole's book and open it up to all interested. Just be sure to link your post back here so I can see if I manage to get 7 (or more) others to participate.


  1. Ohh I like this!! It sounds interesting and I'm interested in the bond! :) Good one!!

    1. Thank you. I would have loved to show the seven lines before this. They were dialogue, so showed more interaction and character development, but this is actually a nice, quick look into the world.


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