Thursday, April 19, 2012

Collaboration Challenge Prep

Last week I posted the whole of February/March's collaboration for you. This week I'm letting you know I'm going to start another round soon. Soon as in starting May 3rd. And after that, we'll go for yet another. So ...

Want to join in the next Collaboration Challenge?
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This is where a group of writers work over a couple of weeks to collaborate a story. Only, this story isn't planned out in any way. Each writer picks their week, then writes their part based on what has come before and posts it on their personal blogs. Each portion of the story is posted on Thursday and all linked together until the last writer wraps it up.

You can read Kalli's Story for more of an example.

If you want to participate, leave me a note in the comments here or over on G+.

Looking forward to the next story. :-)

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