Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Creating a Social Me

I find myself in an exciting position - a publisher is prepared to review my book and possibly enter into a contract. In the way my mind jumps 20 steps ahead, one of my first questions was “What about marketing?”

As it turns out, part of that marketing falls on me. A very strong suggestion was I created more of an online presence for myself - in essence, become more social. Where I am by no means anti-social, I’m relatively shy and tend to stay away from overtly social gestures. Becoming published, however, is such a big dream for me, I find myself chipping away at my containing walls to do as suggested.

So, enter my blog. This should be easy, right? I mean, I write a lot, so what’s the big deal about a blog? Pick a service. Check. Sign up and create profile. Check. Start a new blog --
Title: Huh?
Domain: *blink*
Theme: Oh.

It took a lot of back and forth with my husband, each of us brainstorming the title alone. Thank goodness for the Internet, because we were both checking out how to create a blog website. Finding helpful hints, but nothing that said: Hey, Carrie! Name your blog [Blog Name], I was stuck playing name games for a while. A title decided on, how to spell the word? Reverie is the French version and I like the whimsical look of it, but how many Americans will spell it with an ‘ie’ if I tell them about my blog? Revery it is.

Funny note about the word Revery. Google Docs doesn’t think it’s spelled right.

With the basics taken care of, mostly, there’s the description, and the key words and meta description and all these other little, yet important, details. I decided to take a break. I wanted to write my first blog. I could think about that stuff later when I wasn’t bugging my husband at work and he could be home to help me.

Then ... how long is a blog? I kind of knew what I wanted to write about, but how many words? I’m a novelist. Editing for a shorter length has not been a strength of mine for a long time. I found a site that said 250 words, laughed, and decided it was time to just write.

Look at that? Yay! My first blog post. Assuming it’s approved by my panel (husband), off it will go to start my entry into the social world of the Internet.

This will be good for me. Right?

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