Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blog Plans

I kind of thought that my goal with this blog would be writing Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This is for a few reasons.

I love schedules. I love being organized and knowing what is going to happen that day. This does not always happen with all the kids going through my house, the dogs, etc, but every time it does feels like success. Making a goal to write in my blog a few times a week should hopefully fit right in, no matter what’s going on that day.

I’m not really working on my manuscript right now (see previous posting, Should Be, Could Be) and blogging is a good way to at least be writing, even if it’s a few thousand words shorter than my usual daily goal. It gives me something to focus on, execute, edit and get out there. So I’m still getting practice even if I’m not making progress on my novel.

Lastly, as much as I’m not entirely certain of the success (current and future) of this blog, I really kind of like it. Short stories are not my forte, but a few hundred words on writing / getting published, I can do. Assuming I have the ideas, anyway.

Three times a week could prove a challenge, but I’m up for it. I hope, as this thing continues and grows, I can have different days for different things. One day could be specific to writing, another to getting published, and a third to whatever story I’m working on. I could even start that now, actually. Eventually, it would be nice to talk about what the readers are reading, once I have something published.

Ah, dreams. One day. At not even 30, I think I have some time to get there.

As all of this is laid out, I look at my calendar and realize - Today is Tuesday, not Monday. Lol. This is truly how time gets away from me sometimes. No matter. We can continue this week and try again next week. As I remember, yesterday was super busy and I was super tired at the end of it. This is only week two, though. I’ll get into my grove here shortly. Hopefully very shortly.

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