Friday, October 19, 2012

Family Field Trips: Joshua's Day

Kris and I decided to take Joshua out by himself this past weekend. He hasn't had a day by himself with Mommy and Daddy for a while.

First, we had lunch together at a place the tablecloths are butcher paper so he can actually draw on the table. He loves it there (and on the plus side, kids ate free that day).

Next, we got him and Daddy side-by-side hair cuts. Joshua loves getting his hair cut. He will tell me when he thinks it's time to go..

Before we went home, we stopped at the local farm where they were having free pony rides. We were lucky enough to get there at a time no one else was in line so they let him ride both ponies around the barn. He also got to play in the seed corn box (kind of like a sandbox), see the cows and the goats and the ducklings and run through the hay bale maze. It is our favorite place to go, particularly since all of that cost $0.

He fell asleep on the way home. When we got to Mimi's house (my mom), he woke up, though, and jumped out to show everyone his haircut and tell them about his day.