Friday, December 20, 2013

Rants That (Don't) Matter

A few weeks ago I posted a mini rant about a TV show I can't watch simply because of bad timing on my part. I thought, perhaps, I might explain a bit about why it became important enough to post.

I'm the type of person who loves to be obsessed with things - disposable things, you might say, things that I can absorb myself with for a few days, then let them go with a happy sigh easily and lovingly.

This particular show became my first happy obsession after Analin died. It became a bonding time for me and my boys as we absorbed ourselves in these characters. It was a story line I love any variation of. So when I couldn't track down just a few first episodes of a new season, I became very frustrated.

Thankfully, with this happy obsession, I am content to visit the episodes Netflix has for me. And I'm taking it as a blessing that I'm not able to watch, since I'm not sure how catching up in the series, then still having to wait week to week for an episode would settle with me. I'm guessing not very well. The idea isn't to be stressed out by having to wait, but to enjoy the story in my time.

My Mom doesn't mind waiting week to week, but she doesn't get into stories like I do. I'm the type of person who doesn't want to read a book unless I know I have time to read it cover to cover in 1-2 sittings, either. Of course, with two boys, three dogs and a husband I'm also obsessed with, that makes for little reading time, but I have no problem with the order of my priorities.

So what of you? Happy obsessions? (Not so) silly frustrations? Patient or controlling? ;)

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