Friday, August 30, 2013


I realize I forgot this past week's WWBH post. I'll be back on board next week. Until then, please check out Nicole, Leanne or Tena's blog to see what was missed.

Life has been something of a struggle over here. My best friend and I have been pregnant together. Since she had twins, we were expected to give birth very close to each other. As it turned out, the lost their son at 24 weeks, but didn't deliver him to give their daughter a stronger fighting chance. At 27 weeks, my friend was rushed into surgery so their son and daughter could be born. Athena survived and has been cared for wonderfully at the NICU.

She was 10 days old when I got to hold her hand. Athena is working on getting big and strong for her trip home. She's already beautiful. I've known her mother since first grade, my best friend. This indiegogo post was put together by Athena's aunt, describing the struggle of this amazing family, and looking toward hope for the future.

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