Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dizzy Me: Dr. Appt. 2

Doctor using a sphygmomanometer to test a patients blood pressureYesterday was my rescheduled appointment. It turns out the test was an EKG (electrocardiogram - testing heart rhythm rather than electric activity in the brain). The test was a lot shorter than 30 minutes, but I'm still glad I rescheduled so the boys weren't there. Could you imagine the jumps in heart beat every time they got into something?

I also had my face to face. On the downside, I'll be put through a lot of tests I've already had, other than the EKG. I'm scheduled for an ultrasound, an MRI, blood work, and a heart monitor you carry around for a bit. I'm also scheduled to see a Cardiologist and Neurologist. On the plus side, I love my Neurologist (she helped get rid of my migraines) so I have high hopes there. Also, I'm being sent to a Hemotologist (blood specialist), Optometrist and an EN&T, none of which are specialties I've been to before for this. And in all this confusion, we're also getting me in to see a surgeon for my gall bladder.

Oh, and most of this happens between December 27th and January 9th, with an outlying appointment later in January. Unfortunately, they just weren't able to schedule everything on the same day. :P

Thankfully, I'll have family visiting who can help with the boys and a husband who is off on holiday for much of it. Then an amazing day care provider and other family. This network of help is so different than my last run with all these specialists and tests. Before, I only had one person to help me, to drive me, and her family of 4 to support me. No one else believed. How the world has changed for me, and I hope that means something will truly come from this.

Also!! I ran in to my Grandma yesterday. Turns out she had an appointment on the same day. I let her know what I was in for and she huffed. She asked me if I had a particular disease, one she had just been treated for last August. I was kind of miffed, I can't lie. Why wouldn't she have said something then? But, better late than never. I just have to get through the busy tone on my doctor's phones and ask them to add it to my history and alter any of these tests to look for it, if they need to.

Wouldn't that just be amazing? Ah, the hope. It's nice, but it's also bad when things doing turn out. Still, this is a family member, so her suggestion is a lot stronger than others.

On a side note, apparently there may be a few other outlining things we find (which wouldn't surprise me, to be honest). Which is why I'm going to specialists I haven't seen before. Apparently blood tests I had during this last pregnancy have raised a bunch more questions.

Haha. After so long, I'll take anything.

So there's a quick-ish update for those of you following this series. Thank you for your care and concern. :) I'm kind of looking forward to this round of tests. Then again, it does always start out that way. :P


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    1. I will. :) Mostly it's been tests so far, but I started my round of Dr. appts yesterday.


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