Thursday, December 8, 2011

Flooded Out

Last week my area saw a lot of rain. November has been unseasonably warm, so the white stuff never came. The result was my little village saw it's second highest flood on record. The bridge dividing our town was closed by the state DOT for two days, resulting in hour long detours for locals, truckers and passers through alike. The worst part? The good pizza place was on the other side of the bridge from us. :P

The road I live on was a river. My family and I were able to get out before it became impassible, heading straight to my parents. It's a measure of how loved and lucky we are that I didn't even have to ask if we could stay with them.

Thankfully, the water never made it to our main floor, but it was only inches away by the time my husband and I risked our SUV to check. The water filled our basement nearly to the joists. We grabbed more clothes and headed out. A week later, we're waiting for the flood insurance we were lucky to have to approve the electrical and utility repairs needed. It won't cover everything lost, but it will get us hot water and warm air back in the house. We hope to be back in this weekend or soon after.

With all this going on, my brain has turned pretty numb. I've had moments of clarity where I could write a few pages, but mostly I've been focusing on small tasks that require action and not much thought. I haven't even read much, realizing I wasn't absorbing it, anyway.

I cannot stress enough how lucky we are. My parents took in my family of three plus our three dogs. We didn't lose anything we can't replace (thank you Internet Cloud, as our external hard drive was in the basement with a ton of pics backed up in both places). We should have our house back in plenty of time for Christmas. In the end, I'll even have new experiences and emotions to draw from when I do get back to writing. We are certainly lucky and I am amazingly grateful.

Please feel free to share your own stories. Comment or link your own post if you would. It's these type of events that help link strangers together, and give others hope while they're dealing with their own disasters.
Written with my Samsung Galaxy tablet. I apologize for any errors.


  1. Aaron Olivera12/8/11, 3:18 PM

    Holy Crap! I'd say I'm sorry, but you seem pretty upbeat despite everything. I will, however, keep you in my thoughts as you go about resettling during the Holiday Season.


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