Thursday, January 24, 2013

Blogfest - Re-introduce Yourself

Heather at Reading, Writing and Everything in Between wrote a post that led me to Welcome To Author Stephen Trump's Website (which I also follow, but hadn't gotten to yet) to explain about a blogfest coming up on Monday, January 28th.

(Deep breath.)

Other than how I found out about it, the blogfest is pretty easy. Go over to Stephen Trump's Website and add your blog to the linky (he's hoping to get at least 100 - Chasing Revery signed in at 80). Then, on Monday, re-introduce yourself to the blogging world. Stephen has an example for you if you're looking for a bit of structure or inspiration.

Easy! And, it gives you a blog topic for next week. Check. ;-)

A to Z Challenge [2013]He also tells you about the A-Z Challenge on his blog, something I will be talking about next week, but only with a day to spare. So if you're looking for another blog hop that will last the whole month of April, be sure to check out that information, too.